Covid-19 Rules

  1. Pre-Booking ONLY – no roll ups. Golf Range and Golf Course bookings by calling 01283 229839
  1. We have returned to regular opening hours
  1. Social distancing must be kept to at all times 


  1. Get to the centre 10 mins before your booking – wait in the car till 5 minutes before.
  1. 1 person at a time in reception 


  1. We have different entrance and exit routes please be aware when you get to the Golf Centre


  1. All customers shall be served by one receptionist who will be protected by a clear perspex screen


  1. Contactless payments only


  1. Ball tickets will be printed on the serving table and this is contactless too – with a barcode for the dispenser.


  1. Sanitised baskets will be at reception.


  1. Two metre distanced signs – Please Wait Here, are in key areas such as approaching reception and at the ball dispenser  
  1. Don’t touch the flagsticks. 
  1. We have a limited selection of clubs for hire – all clubs disinfected after use.


  1. Only 1 person allowed per bay.
  1.   4 balls allowed on the golf course 
  1. The UK Government has confirmed that one to one coaching is permissible under strict infection control measures, observing social distancing and must take place outside. In order to comply with this regulation, you should enforce strict hygiene measures and it is recommended that PGA professionals complete a comprehensive risk assessment and refer to the coaching guidelines on the PGA COVID-19 Resource Hub.

  1.     Please contact your Professional directly for booking.